The CrossFit Diaries: 1 Year Later

Well here I am one year later and still doing and LOVING CrossFit. This year has been an adventure for me personally to see how much this one small aspect can impact the rest of my life. To do this properly I’m going to look back at my first post and compare what I said … Continue reading

The CrossFit Diaries: A Double PR Friday

So I haven’t posted in a long time. This is intentional because I don’t want to be “that” guy always talking about CrossFit. I love  it and have only grown to love it more the longer I’ve been doing it. It is the perfect combination of sprinting, endurance, weightlifting, athletic movements, gymnastics and competition for … Continue reading

The CrossFit Diaries: 14.4

When I read this workout I knew it would be difficult for me. 50 toes to bar is a lot of toes to bar for a guy my size. I wasn’t sure how well I would do, but felt confident going in. Here is the full workout: Workout of the Day: CrossFit Games Open 14.4 … Continue reading

The CrossFit Diaries: 14.3

So I’m dialing back the blogging on this a little bit, because I do not want to be the guy that is constantly talking about CrossFit. I love it, and it is great, but I also am not one of the culty types who is a little too into it. I’m not sure what my … Continue reading

The CrossFit Diaries: Stir Crazy

After almost a week off I decided to get back into the gym on Wednesday night. I felt much better overall and the pec was feeling significantly better. Not 100%, but I felt it was good enough to get back in and scale exercises appropriately to accommodate it. Plus I was going absolutely stir crazy … Continue reading

The CrossFit Diaries: Titty Tear

I got hurt last night. I’m not happy about it. This could not have happened at a worse time and it really bums me out because it is going to put me out of the CrossFit open for at least the first workout, but most likely the majority of it. It isn’t a severe strain, … Continue reading

The CrossFit Diaries: Speak of the Devil

I had a short exchange on Twitter on Tuesday about least favorite exercises with someone. I said burpees are by far my least favorite thing. We just don’t get along, but I need them. It’s a crazy kind of love-hate that I have. Well would you look at what we had in the workout: Strength/Skill: … Continue reading

The CrossFit Diaries: All the Front Squats!

After an all around quality weekend I was looking to get back to the gym.  I did go see the Body World exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum on Saturday, which was awesome! Not gruesome or creepy at all. It was informative, interesting and a really cool way to spend an afternoon. I highly recommend … Continue reading

The CrossFit Diaries: Shortened Open

I decided to switch things up and get in my workout this morning instead of tonight. Just opens up my schedule and makes life easier. I came in a little sore from Thursday, but overall ready and rearing to get to it. Strength/Skill: Clean and Jerk 1 clean + 2 split jerks Workout of the … Continue reading

The CrossFit Diaries: All My Nopes

After some serious snatch work I was looking forward to a day of lighter work and focusing on skills. It is always a welcome reprieve on Thursdays to enjoy focusing on skills and developing them where you may not normally have that time during the week and regular work. I worked on muscle ups (of … Continue reading

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