Czar of Fun: Enterprise Laugh of the Day 6.4.10

Ashshaamad’d’a! (Hello in Oromo (Kenya, Somalia))

 Today is list Friday. From now on I will be doing a random list from David Letterman’s Top 10. Here is today’s Top 10 list:

Top Ten Signs Your Newspaper Is In Trouble

  1. Covers all news that happens within one block of the office
  2. Today’s exclusive — “Nixon Dead!”
  3. Reporter sent to jail for refusing to divulge a source… Oh, and he also killed a dude
  4. All horoscopes: “Now would be a good time to get out of the newspaper business”
  5. Paper’s motto: “Suck it”
  6. Every “hot” gossip item is about Jack Klugman
  7. Managing editor and guy who wheels around breakfast? Same guy
  8. Under “Weather,” it just reads “Yes”
  9. Instead of “Garfield,” has a comic strip called “Garfunkel”
  10. You endorsed Dennis Kucinich
One Response to “Czar of Fun: Enterprise Laugh of the Day 6.4.10”
  1. I like #8 the best. Sometimes I feel like the weather people are full of you know what anyway. They should take a page from your book and just say that.

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