Who is running the slow mo machine?

Okay after watching the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, World Cup and MLB games recently I need to know one thing, WHO IS RUNNING THE SLOW MO MACHINE?

Seriously, has anyone watched some of the things they’ve chosen to show in slow motion lately? Big Baby has been playing great coming off the bench and has been a huge part of the Celtics leading 3-2 as they head back to LA, but I don’t want to see snot and spit coming out of his face. Worst part is I don’t want to see it in slow motion, multiple times and now in some commercials. Slow motion is great for looking at close plays and great sports moments but lately I’ve seen a lot of weird faces, odd moments and Big Baby snot.

This is my plea to the guy who’s controlling the slow motion strings, please, please, please pick some good moments to slow down. You’ve done a great job at the World Cup for the most part, you did a good job in the Stanley Cup, MLB is always a little hit or miss but please no more weird face slow motion in the NBA Finals.

What does everyone else think? Am I way off the mark with this or am I on to a great slow motion issue?

Stay classy.

One Response to “Who is running the slow mo machine?”
  1. Aunt Beckt says:

    You are so right!

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