A Man’s Man

On my drive home this evening, I thought to myself out of the blue what makes a man’s man? You hear and know and meet man’s men all the time, but what really makes a guy a man’s man? (NOTE: I AM IN NO WAY SAYING THAT I AM A MAN’S MAN. This is simply my thoughts from having observed and thought about this)

I’ve outlined as the basics that every man’s man should possess, however I think that there is no standard prototype. Great examples of man’s men are Sean Connery, The Most Interesting Man in the World, David Craig, Derek Jeter (pains me to say that as a die hard Red Sox fan) and Denzel Washington. They’re all very different from one another, but they are all man’s men.There are variations and different types of man’s men, however I think that it boils down to these basic elements:

  1. Manliness – This one seems like an obvious one and is clearly an essential to be a man’s man. However, I think the point that most people don’t realize is that manliness is not necessarily “chopping down trees bare chested while impregnating your lady with one and fending off a grizzly bear with your other, while simultaneously starting a fire” manliness. No, I’m speaking to a manliness that is much different. I’m speaking of manliness where is understanding the type of man you are (business man, outdoor man, hunting man, sport man, etc.) and living that to the fullest. You have bits and pieces of every type in you, but you are the prototype for your form. That is true manliness and the base to be a man’s man.
  2. Ease of portrayal – Man’s men are effortless in everything they do. That is not to say it comes naturally or easily, but rather that they portray themselves (and their man’s man-ness) as being easy. Behind closed doors they may spend hours and time developing themselves and personality to appear effortless, however it has taken them time to become so.
  3. Personality – This is another must. You can be the prime example of manliness and portray it like it’s nothing, however if you’re a total dick eating asshole, none of it will matter. You have to be able to relate to other guys, hang out and just generally be able to interact and be a good friend. Simple to say, much more difficult to do.
  4. X-factor – The final and most difficult to describe portion, the x-factor. This can be anything about a person but they have to have some “x-factor” that separates them from the group of friends. Whether it’s a factor in their personality, their ability to charm the ladies, a unique talent or that they’re just a funny dude, they have to have an x-factor that separates them from their friends.

There you have it. The essentials of a man’s man. Stay classy.


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