4 Loko? How about 4 Nomo

So the ban on 4 Loko has come. This product has been a hot topic for the last several weeks and has been highly publicized due to the hospitalizations and deaths from people drinking them. Here’s my question. If everyone has been informed of the dangers of drinking large amounts of alcohol and caffeine together, and both alcohol and caffeine are readily available to buy in MUCH larger quantities than you can find in one 4 Loko, what does this ban do? It only stops the sale of this drink, it doesn’t make people who are going to drink alcohol in this form stop.

The ban doesn’t change anything, and there are already several videos on how to make your own 4 Loko around then internet. How about we ask people to drink responsibly instead of banning the product? Is it too much to ask people to drink responsibily and assume the responsibility for what they do? Or even better, why don’t we make the legal drinking age lower so that people can learn how to drink responsibly as part of their culture, rather than making consuming alcohol a taboo activity.

I don’t know, this just seems like a band aid that’s trying to stop arterial bleeding.

Stay classy.

4 Responses to “4 Loko? How about 4 Nomo”
  1. Aunt Becky says:

    Critical thinking, Char. Wish there were more of it. BTW, i don’t know about 4 Loko. Where can i buy some?

  2. jenika says:

    TOTALLY agree with all points made here. There seems to be a growing lack of personal responsibility in our culture and it’s very disappointing. Why should it be the state’s job to keep me from drinking too much, shouldn’t that be my job?

  3. Peter Stanford says:

    I do not what Loko is, however, the real question is it necessary to drink it?

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