Super Bowl Picks

So I know it is only week 11 of the NFL season, however in the interest of diversifying my discussion topic here are my picks for the Super Bowl and Championship Games this year. I’ll make more of these as we approach season end, particularly the actual Super Bowl as I’ve been startlingly insightful as to winners and reasons the last several years.

AFC Championship Game – Patriots and Steelers

NFC Championship Game – Packers and Falcons

Super Bowl – Patriots and Packers

Here is my reasoning behind my choices

Steelers – Solid defense, great running game with Mendenhall and Big Ben (aside from raping chicks) is a solid quarterback who fits that offensive system. They have a winning foundation and I believe will be in the AFC Championship game. I’m not factoring in the potential playoff brackets because there is simply too much variability at the moment.

Patriots – There are few teams in the AFC that you can pretty much count on to make the playoffs every year. The Patriots are one of them (as are the Colts and Steelers). While their defensive numbers are far from great, in fact many would say that they’re terrible as they rank near the bottom in most categories, they continue to win. Here is what I see, a defense that bends, but doesn’t break and waits for you to make a mistake. Add in the offense that continues to find ways to win through mismatches (see Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez and the two white dwarves Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker). They’re going to keep on winning and will be the AFC East champions, not the Super Bowl favorite Jets.

Falcons – They just continue to impress and win. Roddy White is having a monster year. Matt Ryan is playing great and carrying the team when he has to (see game against Baltimore). Michael Turner continues to run well. Tony Gonzalez, some how at seemingly 90 years old, continues to be a great tight end. The ATL defense is solid. They will make the NFC Championship game along with winning the NFC South.

Packers – Everyone is going to say this is home boy pick, but hear me out first. They humiliated, absolutely humiliated, Dallas (albeit in Wade Phillips’ final game, but they hung 45 points on them). It was like a video game. Aaron Rogers has devoted himself to winning and decided to forget putting up gaudy QB stats. That says a lot right there. They’ve got 4 solid WRs, Jennings, Drive, Jones and Nelson. Jermichael Finley (possibly the best TE in the NFL) will be back for the playoffs. The defense is playing great and Clay Matthews is an absolute animal. They’ve got a solid LB core that can match-up to almost any offense in the league. Charles Rogers is, well, Charles Rogers. Solid team and continue to impress. They win the NFC North because Jay Cutler prefers to throw to the other team and the Vikings just ain’t doing it.

Honorable mentionsPhiladelphia Eagles. Vick simply can’t keep playing at this level and I think his running ability hides a lot of issues that the offensive line has. They’ll get close, but in the end I think that the Eagles miss the NFC Championship game. Vick gets paid big next year and Kevin Kolb remains a lifetime back-up. New York Jets. You can only pull so many OT and last second wins before you land on the wrong side of the coin. They’re loaded with talent, but the penalties and careless turnovers will come back to haunt them. The end of this season will dictate the need of NFL teams to have a strict and guided coach (see Bill Belichik, Mike Tomlin, Tom Cable, etc) as opposed to a player friendly relaxed coach (see Wade Phillips, Rex Ryan).

Super Bowl Winner – The Green Bay Packers, in a shoot out thriller over the Patriots. This one will be close, will come down to the end, and will result in the Packers winning. Too much WR depth. Rogers is dialed in, and will get better in the playoffs. Brady and company will make it a great game, but in the end the pass rush of GB and true lack of a deep threat will cause the Pats to lose. Close game though, something like 31-28.

There you have it folks, my Week 11 Super Bowl picks. We’ll see how this pans out, and of course I will make another prediction for the Super Bowl once we have a clear playoff picture. Feel free to comment, mock and degrade anything I’ve posted.

Stay classy.

3 Responses to “Super Bowl Picks”
  1. Peter Stanford says:

    OK–I hear you, on the picks, however I a few observations to offer & invite your replies.

    No mention of The Jets.

    A better than the Steel curtain D, & a better & more diversified O.

    NE’s D is growing up very quickly. Can you count the # of rookies in their 2dary?

    NE’s D is going to be a force come plaoffs. NE/Jets show down, with The Jets doing it.

    NFC–Hot-Lanta is hot.—for now. If they can keep it up I agree with you.

    GB–If the head of the beast is cut off, who cares about the strength of the beast? McCarthy is an idiot, as is Thompson.

    Philly has it all.

    Philly/Atlanta show down.

    You will see a Philly/Jets Super Bowl.

    Pick: Philly.

    • cmaliska says:

      Great points – here’s my thoughts on them.

      Jets D is great, but the lack of discipline overall on that team will come back to haunt them. They get a lot of penalties and the fact that they’ve been pulling out last minute wins against so-so teams does not inspire confidence. The Jets are a force in the league because of their record, but I have a strong feeling they will enter as a Wild Card and just don’t see them making the same run that they did last year as the AFC has become stronger.

      New England secondary is growing up quickly. I think they will continue with their bend but don’t break, which helps them with the number of rookies. As long as they work not to give up the big play, they can help contain opposing offenses. They don’t have to be shut down like the Jets D has to be.

      As I said before, Rex’s team just doesn’t show me the discipline you need in a major playoff contender. They’ll win the Wild Card game, but lose the next, due in large part to penalty yards that they accrue. Pats and Steelers 2.0 with the Pats taking it again, but in a much closer game than the first match-up.

      Atlanta continues to be a force. They’re much better overall than people realize and will continue to impress in my opinion.

      Green Bay I agree that Thompson and McCarthy may not be the greatest GM coach duo of all time, but I see a young, talented, explosive offense with a seasoned super star at QB. The ground game is solid enough to be respected, which helps their passing game considerably. Unless Rogers goes down, they win the NFC North and are a strong contender between the three headed beast of the NFC that is GB, Philly and Atlanta.

      Philly speaking of idiots, Andy Reid doesn’t exactly inspire playoff confidence. Yes, he’s been to a ton of NFC championship games and won a lot in the playoffs, but when it comes down to a big playoff game, I’m certainly not betting on the guy. I think they’re playing at a very high level right now, due mostly to Mike Vick. I don’t see Vick continuing this pace for the rest of the year. The Eagles are scary good at times, but they’re also scary bad at times. The offensive line has a lot of holes that are covered by Vick’s legs right now. Where Vick goes, this team goes.

      After seeing the games this weekend, I’m sticking with my picks. GB impressed me by totally dominating the Vikings, again. The Pats looked good against Indy. However, the NFC really is a toss up because I think there are 3 teams that could easily be in the championship game, but only two will make it.

      • Peter Stanford says:

        With the passage of time & injuuries, I am revising my thoughts.

        In the AFC, no team is hotter or more confident than NE. The D continues to grow (care to guess NE’s turn over ratio?). The offense & special teams will carry them to the Super Bowl (beating the over-rated Steelers).

        The NFC is hard to figure out. No consistancy. It is coming down to NO & Hot-Lanta. Some of this question will be decided on the last MNF game. Both teams know they will see each other in the play offs. I think whoever has home field advantage takes the NFC.

        How about a high scoring NO/NE Super Bowl?

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