Work-Life Balance

So I was reading a great article from Forbes (I highly encourage you read it) the other day talking about work-life balance and how it is over discussed or stressed. It made some really great points, but the biggest take away that I got from it was this:

If you love what you do, there is no concept of work-life balance.

This is not me saying that your life should be your work and your work should be your life. Rather that when you love what you do, you enjoy work and it becomes a part of your life. You find ways to create a synergy between your work and life that allows you to advance and progress with your career, while staying active and having a normal life.

People who hate what they do see this as crazy time management and almost some mystical form of productivity. The honest answer is that when you love your job time management is a matter of differentiating between work and life, along with the fact that while at work, you’re totally focused and involved in what you’re doing. Neither is a demigod like ability to manage time or be productive, it is a simple ability to do work when you should be doing work and the ability to have a life when you should have a life.

So what does it all mean? Honestly one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received in my life was from a former boss, Jim Whidden, who told myself and best friend Pete one day on a ride home from work “Do what you love and you’ll find a way to get paid.” This pairs beautifully with the saying “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Find what you love and enjoy, you’ll find the career you’ve wanted and you won’t have to worry about that concept of work-life balance. By doing what you love, there already is that balance.

Stay classy.


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