Why I Hate Comfortable

I hate to be comfortable. Not in the sense of comfy pajamas or seated comfortably, but rather with what I’m doing and how busy I am. Comfortable to me means lazy. Let me explain.

A comfortable work/life load is about 80% of capacity, which is good. But with that 80% you’re leaving 20% of your ability on the table. In all honesty I like to be in the 95% capacity zone and it has helped me to become more productive. As I progress and begin to understand how to manage that 95% it lowers down and becomes less of my total work load. Suddenly what was 95% is now only 90% or 85%. I can now take on more to get back to 95%. What does this do? It makes you become a very productive and valuable individual.

Comfortable is good if you’re okay with where you are. If you want to be the best and truly make a difference in everything you do become a high functioning individual. Push yourself to always be uncomfortable. Comfort is the enemy of success. If you’re comfortable you are not pushing yourself to be your best, you’re settling.

Find new projects, new activities and new areas to get involved with. Diversify yourself and your skill set to find something new and exciting. You never know, you just might find something you’re really good at and could learn something new.

Being uncomfortable is a great thing and the more you can make yourself uncomfortable the further you can propel yourself upward and onward. Never settle, never be comfortable. Comfort is settling, and that is why I hate being comfortable.

Stay classy.


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