I held off on bragging, but…

I yet again called the Super Bowl winner (in my original pick none the less). Granted I also screwed A LOT up (see Patriots, New England), but I called the winner (in like week 8 or something like that). I also wish I posted my pre-Super Bowl analysis/pick because it was scary good. Here’s what I wrote in an email to some people at work:

For those of you interested, the Czar of Fun’s Super Bowl pick is Green Bay (and not just because they’re my favorite team). Green Bay picks apart the Pittsburgh defense much like the New England Patriots did. Green Bay wins a thriller with a last minute push by Pittsburgh and Big Ben, however there is no Santonio Holmes to reel in the game winner this go around. Green Bay 31-28. Aaron Rogers wins the Super Bowl MVP.

So I was off by 3 points, but shit I’m pretty much spot on with everything else. Rogers would have thrown for 450 and 5 TDs if Jordy Nelson and James Jones didn’t drop a few huge passes.

So, since I’ve been counting, I’ve called the Super Bowl correctly now since 2008. I had another good streak going before that of 3 years in a row, but the 2007 Giants fucked my world up. Not too bad to pick 7 out of the last 8 correctly. Now I have to find a way to deal with several months of no football and praying for no lock out.

At least Spring Training is under way.

Da Pack! And one final “Go, Pack, Go!”


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