One little post-it note has changed my work outlook

About one year ago my former manager, Jeff Vail, made me the “Czar of fun”. It started with a conversation in which he asked me to find a way to get people “stop being so f—ing miserable all the time”. So I sent out emails, called the “Czar of Fun”. They spread like lice in kindergarten, but it was the simple act of putting up a post-it note that says “Have you had fun today?” that has had a dramatic impact on my approach to work. This post, attitude and ensuing results is as much a result of my undying enthusiasm to make people laugh and enjoy themselves as it was Jeff telling me I had to.

“Have you had fun today?” Is a simple philosophy that has greatly impacted my outlook and attitude towards work. While work is, well work, you have to enjoy what you’re doing and have fun. If you are not having fun then you will grow to despise the task at hand and hate your job. Try to have fun every day at work and remember that while it is work, and at times may not be the best, it still can be fun. Try to have fun at work everyday and enjoy what you’re doing, regardless of how terribly mind-numbing and soul crushing the task may be and see how much better work suddenly is.

This enthusiasm and fun loving attitude is contagious and has done more for my career than I could have possibly imagined when I first published “The Czar of Fun” and scribbled a quick note to remind me to do so. People speak to you differently, work with you differently and most of all appreciate what you do in different way. Suddenly even a project or job that may have had a dim outlook or have been dread to take on initially can be a fun task to rally around. You’re no longer “Charlie the new Domenic and Jeff’s head lackey”, you’re “The Czar of Fun”; the guy who makes people at work laugh and smile, even if it is only for a moment in the morning. While being the “funny guy” certainly is not all I want to be known for (and to some people that’s all I’m known for), it certainly is a great way to begin a working relationship with someone. So ask yourself:

“Have you had fun today?”

One Response to “One little post-it note has changed my work outlook”
  1. Becky Kurtz says:

    This simple idea is actually … profound. Good job, Czar of Fun! You didn’t make me laugh today, but you certainly made me think hard.

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