Getting Back to “Freakish” Status – Day 1

So after 5 weeks of a preparation work out routine to get back into some decent form of shape, I’m going back to an former routine that I did at the end of my senior year of high school. It, to this day, is still the most intense and fulfilling routine I’ve ever done. I’ve decided that I need to get in better shape, because I should be in shape not a shape (specifically a pretty round one). Here’s my plan to get into shape, and I’m going to post it on the interwebs, because then I’ll feel motivation and responsibility to keep up and follow my plan.

  1. I will work out 5-6 days a week. 3 days will be weightlifting (will post routine below) and 2-3 days will be boxing.
  2. I will stop drinking alcohol in excess (pretty much no getting drunk)
  3. I will post how my workouts go and how I’m feeling to keep track
  4. I will stretch after every work out to avoid tightening up and to stay limber
That’s the rules. Keep me honest. If I’m slacking, interweb yell at me. Okay, now here’s the routine:
Monday (these are triplexes, so 3 exercises are done back-to-back-to-back)
Triplex 1: Power Clean; 1 Leg Anterior Reach; Band Rotations
Triplex 2: Meta Chest/Flat Bench; Matrix Lunge Front and Side; Nancy Ab Killer
Triplex 3: DB/BB Over Head Press; 1 Leg Squat; Medicine Ball Tricep Press
High Intensity Interval Training
Tuesday; Thursday; Saturday
5 rounds of 3 minute jump rope
2 rounds of 3 minute shadow box
5 rounds of 3 minute heavy bag work
3 rounds of 3 minute speed bag work
2 rounds of 3 minute double-ended bag work
Triplex 1: Dead lift, Stability Ball Push-up; Stability Ball Crunch
Triplex 2: Lat Pull-down; Band Punches; Medicine Ball Roll-outs
Triplex 3: DB Bent Over Row; DB Bicep Curl; Medicine Ball Lock-outs
Meta Back
High Intensity Interval Training
Triplex 1: Box Squat; Bar/Rope Recline Pull; Weight Rotation Bottom to Top
Triplex 2: Lunge Front and Side; 1 Leg Band Pull; Medicine Ball Seated Rotation
Triplex 3: Triple Threat; Medicine Ball Choppers; V-ups
Super Legs
Current Stats
Height: 6’2.5″
Weight: 272 lb
Age: 23
Don’t know body fat % yet, update to come
So today started the Monday routine (day behind, I know, long weekend and needed a day of rest to make sure I was right) and it went well. I felt great through out the entire work-out. I took the power cleans pretty light (135 lb) today to keep form and to avoid going to hard too fast. Next week will move up weight as long as things feel good. The thing I forgot about this routine is just how intense it is. By the midpoint of the 1st triplex I was dripping sweat and really feeling it. My heart rate was up the whole time and I was digging the intensity. The toughest portion I’ve found (and this was true of the last 5 weeks) is that I don’t have a spot for bench, so it gets tough to really push myself. I’m sure I’ll be a little sore tomorrow. The biggest thing I anticipate is that I need to get my caloric intake up; it’s probably right around 2,000 right now, will need to be closer to 3,000 or 3,500 to avoid issues. I’m hoping to shed some body fat and put some muscle on.
That’s Day 1 in a nut shell. We’ll see how Day 2 goes. I’ll be suppressing a day of boxing this week to accommodate the delayed start (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday lift, Wednesday and Friday box).
One Response to “Getting Back to “Freakish” Status – Day 1”
  1. Bainzys wife says:

    Thanks charlie you are totally motivating me to work on this inner tube I call my stomach (not pretty). Hopefully my slacker hubby (love ya babe) can finish getting our weak ass home gym finished.

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