Getting Freaky – Day 2

So I changed things up and rather than box tonight, I did the Wednesday work out. Rather than potentially push everything back one day this week, I decided I’d rather catch-up tonight. Also, the room with all the boxing equipment (heavy bag, speed bag, double ended bag and round timer) was occupied until 830 for a yoga class. Only choice was to just lift, so I did.

It went well and I feel good now, but man did it suck during. It’s a solid lift all around but my least favorite and most hated exercise – medicine ball roll-outs. I hate them because they are really hard; I love them because they are really hard. They are just such a good exercise. I highly recommend them to anyone, given you’re at the appropriate fitness level.

Dead lift was at 225 lb (with good form, locked in core and flat back) but everything else was a little light. I’m not sure if that was a product of me lifting yesterday, or me not being sure how to judge the appropriate amount of weight. Either way, I’ll be sure to bump it up appropriately next week.

I was light on intervals today too, but that was because I was just absolutely smoked by the end of the routine today. Tomorrow, I’m going to be shopping so I can make sure my caloric intake is up at the appropriate levels. Also, I’ll be boxing tomorrow, so it will be more of an off day. But, all in all, after day 2 of “Getting back to Freak Status”, I’m happy and can’t complain.


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