Get Your Freak On – Day 4

Today was box-squats and it went well. Solid work-out and my legs are certainly feeling it. I went light again today to focus on form and keeping all of the supporting cast locked in and engaged. I went with 225lb on squats and felt comfortable with the weight and really focused on keeping my form good. By far my favorite exercise today was triple threats. It does such a good job at destroying your hamstrings and really keeps the core locked in as well. At the end I only went through and did one set of super legs (slacking a bit) but I feel confident that I’ll be able to go back-to-back + another next week.

The oddest portion of the lift today was that the only clean, work-out type shirt I had was a white t-shirt. It was not something I wanted, or planned and I’m never doing it again. I’m a pretty heavy sweater, so by the middle of the first tri-plex I was progressing towards wet t-shirt contest status. Needless to say the gym got more of a show today that it probably wanted, or planned, but c’est la vie.

Looking forward to another boxing session tomorrow and then a day off on Sunday. As for those lookers I discussed in the last post, I think I’m going to use Sunday to open that discussion since I won’t be working out and will have plenty of time to formulate my thoughts.


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