Freaks and Geeks – Day 5

So I did not work out over the weekend. I stayed out of the gym and pretty much relaxed and enjoyed an empty apartment. I know, I broke a rule, but it was worth it and I needed the down time. I worked out last night (triplex day 1) and had a great workout. I went light on power cleans at 95lb (last week I was hang cleaning 135lb) and focused on form through the entire rep. I made sure that the my shoulders were leading my upward movement, I was delivering my hips through, pressure was distributed through my feet with the primary force coming from my heels and that I was exploding the weight upward and catching it (all with a locked in core). It felt right and I’m very confident everything was looking good. I’ll probably go one more week at this weight and then start to climb the ladder upwards.

The meta-chest/bench set is an absolute killer. I shifted over to the smith machine for bench since I don’t have a spotter and it absolutely annihilated my chest. The second triplex on this day is a real killer and pushes pretty hard. I’m feeling pretty good today and looking forward to some boxing tonight to help loosen things up a bit. I’m feeling pretty good and while my weight has stayed about the same (hovering around 270lb) I can see my body composition changing. We’ll see how it evolves as I continue on, but it is good to see some small results already.


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