Tuesday Afternoon Shake-up

There was an earthquake to help shake up this Tuesday afternoon. Fortunately it looks like no major damage and harm to lives. Good news.

Here is what went through my head when the earthquake was happening (I was in a meeting with my manager at the time):

  • What the hell is that? Is that an earthquake? Yep, it’s an earthquake.
  • What if this is the rapture and that one dude was actually right, just like 3 months off? That would be funny if there were just a bunch of empty clothes laying around the office now.
  • What if the building collapses? How the hell am I going to get out of here? I can definitely outrun Bill…
  • Damn I’m hungry.
  • Why are we having an earthquake?
  • I wonder where it’s happening. I hope it’s some where cool, but not life threatening… like Delaware.
  • Can I use this as an excuse to leave?
  • How many crazy drinking/orgies will happen tonight in lieu of this little earthquake? I bet it’s a lot
  • Shit, back to this meeting now that everything is settled down.

Just a quick glimpse into the crazy mind of mine and how I reacted to the earthquake. I also rattled off like 2 dozen “shake-up” jokes to myself in the following 5 minutes, but can’t remember any of them now…


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