Freak-a-leek – Day 6

Boxed last night. Felt great and had a pretty solid sweat going (no surprise as I’m a pretty heavy sweater). Went for 3 rounds of jump rope, 5 rounds of heavy bag work (alternating outside jabs/crosses and hard inside uppercuts and hooks each round), 3 rounds of speed bag and 2 rounds of shadow boxing. Each round was 3 minutes long with 30 seconds of rest. It’s an ass kicker but goes by pretty quickly. I ended the workout with 100 sit-ups and some additional oblique work. Then a nice stretch and cool down and it was back home after a nice workout.

I’ve found I really enjoy the boxing days since it is a nice change of pace from lifting, but is still an intense workout. Yesterday I went in a feeling some slight soreness in my shoulders and today feel great. It really helps to work out a lot and just loosen me up. Plus, it’s a great stress reliever to beat the ever living hell out of a bag for 15 minutes straight. If you’re ever stressed from work, life or just feel like punching something as hard as you can with no¬†repercussions, I highly recommend it.

I swear I’ll write a quick blog about the lookers at the gym at some point. Just need to actually get around to it. Maybe if I have some down time this afternoon/evening I will. Stay tuned.


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