Everyone please calm down, Apple will be fine

Okay, all you Apple nuts out there sit down, take a breath and relax. Take a deep breath. Steve Jobs retired. Take a deep breath again. Apple will be fine. Again, Steve Jobs retired and Apple will be fine.

Is it a shock to the company? Yes. Is it a shock to the market? Yes. Will Apple “decline” over the next couple of months? Yes. Will Apple be fine? Yes.

Now losing one of the most prominent CEOs in recent memory is going to be a blow to the company immediately. The stock price will drop. People will question the new leader. The quality of their products will be brought into question. Gossip will abound. And then Apple will do what it has proven able to do over the last several years, deliver innovative, amazing and consumer desired/friendly products. Aside from being the voice, face and guiding individual to the company, Steve Jobs had another major area to address – hiring people who see his vision, agree with it and can carry it out. If Steve Jobs was as great of a CEO as we believe he is, Apple will continue to amaze us with their products. Steve Jobs ability to hire the right leaders and visionaries will be what allows Apple to continue to grow and develop.

Look at their stock price now. Buy it. 6-12 months from now it will be higher.


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