Rebuilding Rome – Days 9 and 10

Today we get a double-whammy of a report on two days of exercise in one post. Try to contain your excitement and, please, hold the applause until the end.

Friday was a great lift. I worked from home, went earlier in the day and had a great session. Squats went really well and I felt very confident in my form. I’m going to bump the weight up next week and feel good about that entire workout. It’s a great lift and the super legs at the end really puts an exclamation point on it all. After training Friday night I went out to a friends party. It was a great release into the weekend and the only time all weekend that I really drank (I had a couple drinks Saturday night during the hurricane, but nothing serious). The rest of the weekend was spent watching TV, playing video games, relaxing and witnessing the hurricane roll through Philadelphia. It was nice and relaxing and I’ve got to say it helped me feel ready for this week.

Monday night was back in action lifting. I went with 135lb power clean and the form felt great through out. My core was dialed in and I could feel the difference of taking it slow the first two weeks made. I’ll keep it at this weight until I feel confident bumping it up again, but right now this is the weight I think I should be at. The second tri-plex is still an absolute monster. I can’t stress enough how much the combination of meta-chest and bench press kills your chest. It is a great combo and something I look forward to every week. I can feel the difference it makes, which is encouraging.

Last night I also changed up the cardio portion at the end by going outside to do my interval running. I had previously been doing 20-25 minutes on an elliptical set on an interval program. What a difference actually running makes. Last night I lasted about 5 minutes of 15 second sprint, 30 second jog. It killed me and totally changed my mindset on cardio. From now on I’ll be actually doing the running because, well, there really is no substitute. The numbers are low right now, but as they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.


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