State of Construction – Day 11

Boxing last night. It felt good and was again a solid work-out. I’m going to start looking for something else to do during these days, any suggestions are appreciated. I’m thinking something along the lines of SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) drills and work. Something that will be a little more conducive to the work I’m putting in on my lift days. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated on this one.

A couple things I’ve noticed from the boxing:

  1. My punches are getting considerably harder from doing this regularly and in conjunction with the lifting. I see a couple other guys that box in the gym and from what I’ve seen, no one hits the heavy bag as hard as I do.
  2. The number of punches I’m able to throw in a given round is continually rising as well. Not only am I hitting harder, I’m throwing more.
  3. While I’m still not totally satisfied with how well I’m hitting the speed bag, it has improved.
So that’s the update from last night. Any suggestions on SAQ work that people can think of are appreciated. I have an old program that I might dig up, the problem is finding the space/location to do it all.
One Response to “State of Construction – Day 11”
  1. Charlie, how about squash? It provides a nice break from the lifting, boxing, but provides a great agile workout!

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