Work It – Day 12

Great lift last night. Just great. Dead lift was 275# with solid form. The rest of the workout seemingly flew by. Medicine ball roll-outs continue to be awesome and I am slowly seeing my extension increase on them. I’m looking forward to the days of full-extension and solid form through out. I’m thinking that next week for the SB push-ups in the first tri-plex I’m going to do them with my feet elevated on a bench to increase the core activation.

Intervals last night were again tough, but I went about 2 minutes longer last night than Monday so it is good to see some incremental improvement there. I’ll just keep hammering away at this until I’m going for a full 20 minutes of work. Slow and steady.

I also had a small revelation last night when I got back that’s helped me put everything around this in a better perspective. Realistically I’m working to undo 2-3 years of not seriously working out, so it is going to take some serious time and dedication to see major progress. However, what I’ve seen so far is encouraging and it only makes me want to keep pushing harder and further, so hopefully I’ll continue to make strides and stay motivated.

I’m not working out tonight, I’ve got a happy hour for a co-worker who is going to another company and it is Jack’s first game so I’m going to find a way to get CBS College Sports to watch it. I’ll make-up for it with a workout on Saturday. Friday is another lift and it’s squats (which are hands down my favorite exercise). Until then, stay classy.


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