NFL Pre-season Prediction

We’re back to football, and I’m so happy that we are. After sweating through an off-season that had no OTAs or mini-camps I’m glad to see the NFL back in action. After 3 weeks of pre-season I’m here to make my predictions for the playoffs now. You can see ESPN’s predictions here. As always, I’ll include some reasoning into my choices and feel free to comment on my thoughts.

NFC Predictions

West: Arizona Cardinals – Kevin Kolb leads a pass crazy Cardinals team to the to of the weakest division in the NFL. These guys will be a slightly better version of the 2010 Seahawks by winning the division and hosting a playoff game, despite a pedestrian record of 8-8.

South: Atlanta Falcons – They’re dominant in their division. Tampa Bay challenges them more this year than in the past, but there is too much experience and talent in Atlanta to not make the playoffs.

North: Green Bay Packers – They had more people on the IR last year than any other team in the league and won the Super Bowl. Finley and Grant are back and they still have Rogers slinging the ball around the field. Too much talent on this team. It is tough to repeat as champions, but if there is a team with a shot, it is the Packers.

East: Philadelphia Eagles – The Miami Heat of the NFL has stocked up on talent and signed Vick to a mega-deal. Tons of talent and a coach that continues to win with Andy Reid. Watch the Walrus lead the Eagles to win the NFC East, but questions at linebacker leave much to be desired on the defense. We’ll see how the team does as we play real football, but it looks like there is too much talent on this team for them to falter and not make the playoffs.

Wild Card: Dallas Cowboys – Romo is back and they will challenge the Eagles for the NFC East, however I just don’t see the Cowboys taking the division. They’ll be a force come playoff time. Demarcus Ware could be a Defensive MVP contender under Rob Ryan.

Wild Card: New Orleans Saints – Brees and the Saints very well may win the NFC South, but I think the Atlanta defense will be the difference between the two. Don’t expect this team to falter early in the playoffs again (see: Seattle 2010). Mark Ingram makes a serious run at Offensive Rookie of the year.

AFC Predictions

West: San Diego Chargers – Phillip Rivers leads the Chargers to the playoffs and shows off the tremendous skill set he has. We continue to see the Chargers trend of storm into the playoffs highly favored and they strides by not immediately exiting this year.

South: Indianapolis Colts – The Texans had a shot at this, but then I remembered how nice they are. Colts win the division but the Texans give them a scare. As long as Peyton Manning starts 13 games for the Colts, they take the South.

North: Pittsburgh Steelers – This is a risky pick given the history of the team losing the Super Bowls propensity to not make the playoffs the following year, but I don’t see that as a problem for these guys. Big Ben wins games and they still have one of the best defenses in the league.

East: New England Patriots – A bit of a toss up between the Jets and Pats for the AFC East, but I’m going to the Pats because of the addition of 1. Shaun Ellis, 2. Albert Haynesworth and 3. Chad Ochocinco. Brady with solid weapons around him is a scary prospect and the defense looks like an entirely new animal this year up front, but still lots of questions in the secondary.

Wild Card: New York Jets – Rex Ryan gets this team to win. Buress taking the place of Edwards is basically a wash in my eyes. The real loss is Cotchery and replacing him with Derrick Mason doesn’t make sense to me. Sanchez plays well enough to get the team into and far in the playoffs, but not to the promised land.

Wild Card: Baltimore Ravens – Another seemingly perennial playoff team with a solid defense and quality offense. Joe Flacco could step into the super star status or continue to mire in mediocrity. He has all the tools and skills, it seems to be a matter of determination. Also, the Ravens defense needs to regain it’s killer attitude again.


Coach of the Year – Sean Payton, New Orleans

Offensive Rookie of the Year – Cam Newton

Defensive Rookie of the Year – Von Miller

MVP – Phillip Rivers

Playoff Results

NFC Champion – Green Bay Packers

AFC Champion – San Diego Chargers

Super Bowl Champion – Green Bay Packers

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