Tales of the ‘Stache 11.7.11

So I’m participating in Movember, at least as long as I’m able to stand it. I’m growing a mustache for a great cause, to raise money and awareness for cancers that are common in men (pancreatic, testicular, etc). I’ve got a site set-up so people can donate money and I’ll document the progress of my mustache throughout the month. This is my first update. What you see in the below picture is one full week of growth. I’m not proud of my facial hair. I look like Justin Bieber trying to grow facial hair – it just doesn’t work. However I’m going to give it the good ‘ol college try until I raise a justifiable sum and can then promptly shave it off. So please, for the sake of those that interact with me on a daily basis, donate. Do it for cancer awareness and research and do it for their sake. You can donate here (http://mobro.co/CasaDeCharles). Do it so my friends and co-workers don’t have to look at this everyday for the next month:

If you make fun of it that's fine, but donate if you do. That way we all get closer to this thing being gone.
Stay classy.
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