NFL Mid-season Course Correction

It’s mid-season and all the cool kids are doing mid-season picks. Here are mine along with a couple changes on other awards. As always, I’ll include some reasoning into my choices and feel free to comment on my thoughts.

Also, man was I ever wrong about some of these teams. See my preseason picks here to see just how far off I was…

NFC Predictions

  • West: San Francisco 49ers – Who saw this coming? The 49ers are good. Really good. They’re playing solid, physical football and Harbaugh West is getting Alex Smith to play well. Good coaching and solid play calling make this a solid team who will win the West (by a solid margin) and see a first round playoff bye. If I had said this would happen one year ago I’m pretty sure I’d be locked away in a mental institution… potentially lobotomized.
  • South: Atlanta Falcons – They’re second right now in their division. I don’t know how, where or when but they’re going to pull out on top in the South. Just my gut feeling on this one. No logic, that’s just how it’s going to happen.
  • North: Green Bay Packers – They’re undefeated. Aaron Rogers is putting up video game numbers. The defense has some holes but is making the big plays that the team needs. How do you beat the Packers? Score 60 and hope you keep them under 50. Also, Clay Matthews.
  • East: Dallas Cowboys – God I hated typing every letter of that. The defense is figuring things out. The offense is picking up (Miles Austin out will hurt, but they can still run the ball). Romo will be up and down but they benefit from not having the NY Giants schedule over the next 8 games and get to the top of the division.
  • Wild Card: Detroit Lions – What weird world are we in? The Lions? I’m so confused right now,  but one of the best games of the year will be Detroit and Green Bay on Thanksgiving.
  • Wild Card: New Orleans Saints – Brees and the Saints make the playoffs. You could flop New Orleans and Atlanta for Wild Card and Division winner. Both will be in the playoffs. You can put that in the book.

AFC Predictions

  • West: Oakland Raiders – The AFC parallel to the Lions wins the 2011 version of the NFC West from last year. This division is not very strong and Whale’s Vagina (San Diego for you non-Anchorman fans out there) turns the ball over too much to seriously be considered (seriously Phillip Rivers, WTF man?). Tebow is too busy Tebowing (see definition here and examples here) for Denver to be win it. Kansas City is just not that good this year.
  • South: Houston Texans – They finally put it all together. They’ll make the playoffs AND win the division, both for the first time in franchise history. It’s the perfect storm of a Peyton Manning-less AFC South and a crappy division for the Texans to take it. The defense looks pretty good under Wade Phillips and that Arian Foster guy isn’t too bad either.
  • North: Baltimore Ravens – Playing great on defense and an offense that is solid enough to win the game. If/when the offense really starts to fire on all cylinders they will be scary good (think jacked-up stats Madden 2006 good). They beat Pittsburgh in both regular season games. When they meet in the playoffs will Harbaugh East lead team be able to pull of the 3-peat?
  • Interesting stat – 4 of the top 6 defenses in the NFL are in the AFC North (see here on ESPN for that).
  • East: New York Jets – They’re hot right now. If they beat New England this weekend they will take the division. This could easily be New England… or Buffalo? I really am not sure how this division will shake out. If the Patriots can play defense for 4 quarters and get the offense going again then they win it. If the Jets play like they did last week for the rest of the season, they win it. If Buffalo plays like they did the first 1/4 of the season they win it. I know one thing for sure – the Miami Dolphins won’t win the division.
  • Wild Card: New England Patriots – See above on AFC East. Feel free to run any combination of NE/NY/Buffalo to you heart’s content. Honestly this group feels like a crap shoot.
  • Wild Card: Cincinnati Bengals – Currently the #2 defense behind Baltimore. Andy Dalton does not look like a rookie QB in the NFC North. AJ Green and Andy Dalton have some weird Vulcan Mind Meld going on right now. They aren’t on national TV much, but Cincinnati is a good team. I just don’t see Pittsburgh making it this year even with Big Ben playing as well as he is.

Awards – Revised

  • Coach of the Year – Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco. See above: NFC West.
  • Offensive Rookie of the Year – Cam Newton or Andy Dalton. Both could win it. One is putting up great numbers and is a super star in the making. The other is putting up good numbers and is on a winning team. This one depends on what the voters value more. My opinion? It should be Cam Newton. He’s not winning games for his team (yet) but he’s not really the reason they’re losing them either. Both are good choices, but Cam is an absolute super star on the rise.
  • Defensive Rookie of the Year – Von Miller – no change here. He’s an animal. Actually, he’s a manimal (man-animal).
  • MVP – Aaron Rogers (video game type numbers, top seeded playoff team, playing at a historic rate, no other QB is even close to as good as he is right now)

Playoff Results

  • NFC Champion – Green Bay Packers
  • AFC Champion – Baltimore Ravens
  • Super Bowl Champion – Green Bay Packers
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