Evaluating the Picks – a quick look back and forward

So here’s a summary as we head into the playoffs on how I did this year from pre-season, mid-season and up to now. I’ve also included my updated breakdown of the playoffs. Feel free to comment, shred, hate and debase my picks, in fact I’d enjoy that.

Pre-season pick in strikethrough, mid-season in italics, and the actual regular season finish is underlined.

NFC Predictions

  • West: Arizona CardinalsSan Francisco 49ers; San Francisco 49ers – Who saw the 49ers playing so well? I sure didn’t. Way off on that Kevin Kolb thing though…
  • South: Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons; New Orleans Saints – Okay, off on this one, but the Falcons did make the playoffs. The Saints are the hottest thing in football right now. We’ll see how they play outdoors where it will almost certainly be much colder than the dome.
  • North: Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers; Green Bay Packers – Lost 1 game, swept the division and have some serious trade bate with Matt Flynn. If they franchise him and trade him, look-out because they’ll get better, which is just scary.
  • East: Philadelphia Eagles; Dallas Cowboys; New York Giants – Well the Cowboys froze themselves out of this one and the Giants defense played ridiculous to get them in. JPP is a beast.
  • Wild Card: Dallas Cowboys; Detroit Lions; Detroit Lions – Detroit is roaring again, both in wins and penalty yards.
  • Wild Card: New Orleans Saints; New Orleans Saints; Atlanta Falcons – Wrong team, right division.

AFC Predictions

  • West: San Diego Chargers; Oakland Raiders; Denver Broncos – Too busy Tebowing to write something witty.
  • South: Indianapolis Colts; Houston Texans; Houston Texans – My pre-season pick was based on bad information about Peyton’s return. Now, who knows if he’ll either play again, and if he does will it be with the Colts, or will it be somewhere else?
  • North: Pittsburgh Steelers; Baltimore RavensBaltimore Ravens – Pittsburgh and Baltimore finished with the same record and flopped atop the division during the season. Not too far off on this one.
  • East: New England Patriots; New York Jets; New England Patriots – I just want to say I’m sorry to New England, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady for ever doubting them. I should have known Shrek and his team of misfit boys would implode.
  • Wild Card: Pittsburgh Steelers – Pretty much a perennial playoff lock.
  • Wild Card: Cincinnati Bengals – It’s an AFC North kind of playoff year. This is the 3rd team in for those of you keeping track out there.

Playoff Prediction (winner in bold)

Wild Card Round:

  • Pittsburgh vs. Denver – Tebow Time won’t beat Troy Polamalu.
  • Detroit vs. New Orleans –Nice job Detroit, meet Drew Brees and the flaming hot Saints offense in a dome, at home.
  • Cincinnati vs. Houston – Came down to the wire last time and the Bengals pull this one out.
  • Atlanta vs. New York Giants – Giants are hot, but I see Matty Ice pulling out a thriller at NYG.
Divisional Round:
  • Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore – I’m sore from this game already. Typical match-up that Baltimore wins because they’re at home.
  • New Orleans vs. Atlanta – See: Detroit vs. New Orleans
  • Cincinnati vs. New England – NE wins their first playoff game in a long time.
  • Atlanta vs. Green Bay – I don’t see Atlanta doing to well at Lambeau in the playoffs. That’s true for just about anyone really, as GB didn’t lose at home at all this season.
Conference Round:
  • Baltimore vs. New England – A win the week before gives the defense some much needed confidence and NE eeks one out at home against a very hit or miss Baltimore offense.
  • New Orleans vs. Green Bay – Again, undefeated at home this season. Won in the warm weather at the start of the season, win in the cold weather at the end of it.
Super Bowl:
  • New England vs. Green Bay – A guy can dream can’t he?

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