The CrossFit Diaries: The First Class

I had my first class this morning, bright and early at 6:30 am. I was pretty much awake by 5ish, but my alarm went off at 5:30 am (figured out a great alarm, Baauer – Harlem Shake, really does the trick at 5:30 am). I was up and ready to go, packed my bag of work clothes so that I could shower at the MAC afterwards and head into work. I arrived outside by 6:05 am, beating the instructor there. I’ll leave a little later next time. He opened it up and after I finished up checking up on some sports scores and news, I headed in. Hung out for a few doing some stretches to limber up. Then promptly at 6:30 am Jason yelled “Okay everyone, go for a quick run, jump on a rower or hit an airdyne to get warmed up”.

I chose the airdyne today. Next time I’ll either row or run. I don’t want to do the same thing each time, so picking a different warm-up than my previous workout  will help add a little extra variety. Warm up was no problem. After the warm-up we did a quick warm-up/stretch session. It got the blood flowing and wasn’t to difficult. I had a light sweat going by the end and was ready to rock.

Here’s today’s workout of the day (WOD):


5 Rounds:

1a. Turkish Get Up x 2 each arm

1b. Ring Dips x 5-10 reps

1c. Double Kettlebell Row x 5

Workout of the Day:

Tabata Row/Airdyne

rest 2 mins

Tabata Burpees

I felt great throughout the strength/skill portion; it was tough without being overwhelming. For my last two sets of ring dips I used a band to assist because my form was slipping on my last couple of reps during set 3. It is better for me to keep great form with a little help, than to have crap form and potentially hurt myself. Plus it’s my first day, so cut me a little slack here. I can already feel the Turkish get-ups in my core. I have a feeling I’ll be developing a love/hate relationship with those.

For the WOD portion, I rowed first (we were broken into two groups, 1 rowing group first, 1 burpee group first). Tough, hard and man are Tabata workouts a real smoker. Fun though. I rowed just under 900m (877m) through the 20 seconds of active rowing (total of 4 minutes) which I felt pretty good about. I’m sure later I’ll be going further, but for day 1 I’m happy.

The burpees were killer. I want all out on the first set and did like 15 in 20 seconds. Totally burned myself out for the remaining sets. I kept moving through the others, but slowed down a lot as we progressed. If I did it over, I’d have picked a target number and tried to hit it every round. Oh well, you live an you learn.

Overall, I feel great, have a ton of energy going right now and am totally in love. I’m sure it’s just the puppy love stage, but I haven’t seen or experienced a single thing about CrossFit that I don’t like. I’m sure that will change as I progress, but so far so good.


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