The CrossFit Diaries: The Second Class

Class #2 this morning. Woke up, got dressed, grabbed my bag (I packed it last night at Purn’s request), snagged an apple to eat before class for a little energy and headed out. I was the first person to arrive into the gym. Chatted with Jason real quick, stretched and by 6:30 there were 8 of us in the box ready to roll. We warmed up, stretched and then it was time for the WOD. Here it is:


Back Squat- 4 sets x 8 reps

* Complete 10m Waiter Walk each arm between sets *

Workout of the Day:

2 minutes Row/Airdyne for Calories

30s transition into

Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:

10 meter Walking Lunge with Medicine Ball

10 Russian Twists

10 Hand Release Push Ups

Squat I worked with one of the other guys who was going to be squatting similar weight to me. We went 225 lb, 255 lb, 275 lb and then 315 lb. Really wasn’t overwhelming for me as squat has always been a good exercise for me. The waiter walks were interesting, but not too difficult. I’ll have to bump the weight on that next time. Overall I felt pretty good after this portion of the workout. I know my legs will be sore tomorrow, which is going to super suck as I’ll be trudging through a marsh to duck hunt. That’s not the ideal time to have legs that are going all jelly on you, but such is life.

The WOD portion was tough. I did the airdyne – added benefit is it turns into a giant fan cooling you off a little. After that the lunges, Russian twists and push-ups were tough. The lunges were hard simply because my legs were pretty tired from squatting and then biking on the airdyne as hard as I could for 2 minutes. I pushed through, but boy could I feel it. The Russian twists were BRUTAL. I think I went too heavy with my medicine ball. Next time I may go lighter. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. The push-ups were an interesting variation. At the bottom, you “kissed the floor” (put your chest on the ground), pulled your hands up to your ribs, put them down and then fully extended to the top. Solid work-out and tough. I got 4 rounds completed. My endurance is still pretty low, so hopefully as that picks up I’ll be able to get more going.

Overall for my first week I am extremely pleased with how this is going. The other thing I’m extremely pleased about is the whole Primal/Paleo Challenge. My energy levels have been awesome through out the day and I haven’t had any of that 2:30 feeling. I thought it’d be tougher for me to do, but overall it’s been easy for me to do. We’ll see how I do after this weekend, but so far I’ve been holding strong and doing well.

I’m off to duck hunt with the boys for the weekend (giddy as can be about that), but bright and early Monday I have class again. That’ll be an interesting test to see how I do. That’s it for this week, I’ll see you cats next week.

Stay classy.


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