The CrossFit Diaries: A non-Case of the Mondays

After a great weekend of duck hunting, I thought for sure it would be impossible for me to drag myself out of bed this morning. Total opposite. I was ready to roll and actually woke up before my alarm. I did stay in bed until my second alarm went off because it felt nice with the cold air in my room but nice and warm under the blankets. Then out of bed, packed the bag and off I went for my morning class.

Today was pretty good:


Snatch (5 sets of 2 reps, 2 sets of 1 rep)

Workout of the Day:

4 Rounds:

1 minute Row

1 minute KB Swing

1 minute Airdyne

1 minute Toes to Bar/Sit Ups

rest 1 min

I went light on the snatches simply to work on my form and get comfortable with the movement. I’m sure this will build up nicely for me, but making sure I’ve got the movement right is more important to me. I’ll be ramping this up over the coming weeks.

For the WOD portion, it was tough but not crazy, which was nice for a Monday morning. I started on the Airdyne portion of the workout and ended on the KB swings (6 people in the class, 3 rowers and 3 Airdynes). The hardest part was actually the Airdyne because of how much taller I am than almost everyone else in class. I wasn’t thinking and should have gone opposite of the other tall guy in the class so we could have a properly adjusted Airdyne, but instead I as stuck on one where it was way too short. I felt a lot like a circus bear peddling a tri-cycle. It worked, but definitely could have been better with an Airdyne at the right height. Not the biggest deal and everything else was solid.

Overall I feel great. My legs are still a little tight from squats on Friday and then trudging through a marsh/swamp on Saturday and Sunday, but overall no complaints here. The diet is going pretty well, and I feel great. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning and post where I’m at with all that junk in Wednesday’s post. Looking forward to starting my 2nd full week of CrossFit on Wednesday.

Stay classy.


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