The CrossFit Diaries: Lucky Number Quatro

Quick background on why the number 4 is my lucky number. Growing up, Brett Favre was my favorite player (on offense, defense it was Brian Urlacher. I know he’s a Bear, but he was everything I wanted to be in a LB). My junior and senior years of football I wore the number 4 as I was playing QB. It was awesome, I had some great games and to this day, whenever possible try to wear the number 4 for anything.

So clearly, with my superstitious nature, having today be my 4th day of CrossFit I was pretty excited and hoped it would be a great workout to go with my strengths. True to form, quatro was just that. Here’s today’s WOD:


12 minute Rotation:

a. Broad Jump- three for max distance

b. Band Pull Aparts x 10 reps

c. Hollow Rocks x 20-30s

Power Clean Review and Warm Up to workout weight

Workout of the Day:

8 minute Ladder:

2 Hang Power Clean

2 Lateral Burpees over Barbell

4 Hang Power Clean

4 Lateral Burpees over Barbell

6 Hang Power Clean

6 Lateral Burpees over Barbell

 Holy smokes. This sucker was great! It’s been a while since I’ve done any hang cleans, but it felt great to be back to doing them. The first portion was a ton of fun, very competitive on who could get the farthest on broad jumps. I’d say I was in the top 3 overall (even better when you consider I outweighed the next closest guy by like 20 pounds).  Once we got through the strength portion it was on to the WOD piece.
It didn’t seem too bad until I realized what the “…” at the end meant. Keep going up the ladder as far as you can. I chose a weight I thought was appropriate for this and we started. Tough. Brutal. An absolute onslaught of heavy breathing and sweat. I successfully got through a full round of 8 and finished my 10 cleans by the time it was all over. My conditioning is still low, so I might start to do some more swimming on my off days. Just take it easy and light to help build my stamina. Overall great workout and there were 2 guys in there who were absolute monsters at it. I’m hoping they keep coming in the morning because I feel in a couple of months we’ll have some serious friendly competition to push each other.
Quick update on the weight & body fat front. Weighed myself and I’m down to 272 and 33%. Down 4 pounds and 1% over the first week, which is nice. I feel awesome with all the diet changes so I’m sure they’re doing more for me than the actual workouts at this point, but it is nice to see progress. I know I’m going to be sore as hell tomorrow, as I probably did close to 40 hang cleans today. I also know I’m going to love it. Already looking forward to Friday morning.
Stay classy.

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