The CrossFit Diaries: Sprawl balls aka Satan’s Ball Toss

Today it is a little cold, damp and over cast. Just another beautiful Milwaukee morning. So to say I didn’t expect to sweat like a whore in church this morning is a bit of an overstatement. I certainly knew I’d be sweaty. I knew I’d be the sweatiest guy there. It is how I normally am. I did not know that this work out was going to almost completely drench my shirt. That was  a surprise.

We moved through warm-ups and then into the Strength/Skill portion. Split jerks are a pretty fun movement, but are complicated as there is a lot going on. We worked through the progression and built up the weight to where we would feel comfortable. I had everything down pretty well, so I was feeling good. For the first 4 sets (read: 4 minutes) I went with one weight and then the last two I bumped it up 20lbs. Felt good afterward. The strength/skill portion is usually a solid point for me as, it is something I’m good at. I know I’ll continue to see gains here as I’m able to bump up the weight and really begin working during this portion. The WOD portion tends to be where I really get my ass handed to me. Today was no different.


Split Jerk Review and Practice then

Every minute on the minute for 6 minutes:

3 Split Jerks

Workout of the Day:

Part One:

Run Around the block and Max Handstand Push Ups until 5:00 on the clock

Part Two (beginning at 5:00):

Run 400m and Max Sprawl Balls until 9:00 on the clock

Part Three (beginning at 9:00):

Run 200m and Max KB Snatch until 12:00

When I was reading the WOD, I wondered “What in the holy hell is a sprawl ball? That does not sound fun. It also sounds kind of fun. Mostly I’m just terrified of what it is going to be.” Everyone in the class had the same reaction. One guy Googled them and said we were in for a treat. We had no idea how much of a treat that was.

A sprawl ball is where you drop into a burpee on the ball, pull you feet back up towards your hands so you’re holding the ball in a deep squat, explode upwards with the ball and throw the ball as high as you can on the wall. Certainly not the easiest thing to do, especially after the 400m run. Fun. Tough. Cool. Hard. Everything I can think of to describe an exercise in both positive and negative terms. Seriously, these things sucked. They were also super awesome. It is a hard dynamic to describe.

And then after that we had the joy of another 200m of running and max KB snatches. Seriously, Satan put this workout together. I hope he keeps it up, because if they continue at this rate, I’m going to see some awesome results.

Today was a good day. Today was a hard day, and that was good.

Stay classy.

5 Responses to “The CrossFit Diaries: Sprawl balls aka Satan’s Ball Toss”
  1. sprawl ball sounds like torture! Burpee and wall ball together? Worst nightmare.

  2. rachelaugh says:

    Sprawl balls….I’m going to make sure that I remember that—but NOT MENTION IT EVER within the walls of our box.

    You’re in Milwaukee??? What box? I’m in Sheboygan!

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