The CrossFit Diaries: Hiatus Haiku

I took last week off because I had a nasty little sinus/chest cold that I didn’t want to spread. Then I was gone Thursday and Friday to grouse hunt (which was awesome and also a lot of burned calories there. The lead image is from the dock on the lake we were staying on). On Monday I totally slept through or forgot to set my alarm, so no Monday session. It felt great to be back to day. To commemorate it, here’s a quick haiku:

I was rather sick

I skipped a week plus a day

Now I am back in

Here’s today’s WOD:


15 minute Skill Rotation:

Pick Three Exercises and Make Your Own Circuit

a. Turkish Get Ups

b. Ring Rows

c. Hollow Rocks

Workout of the Day:

6 Rounds at :30 work/:30 rest:


Step Down Box Jumps


Push Press (75/45 lbs)

We had choices for each one, but I chose these three. Here’s why:

a. I’m a glutton for punishment and Turkish Get Ups seemed the best choice out of them (Overhead Squat and Waiter Walks were the other two)

b. Still don’t have enough back strength to go full pull-ups on these yet, so it was ring rows. I’ll work up to pull-up sets next time they’re available though. (Other options: Pull-ups, Muscle-ups, Muscle-up progressions. Clearly none of these are options for me yet)

c. I’m not going to get that strong rock solid core if I don’t work on it, so this was the choice. (Other options: Hand Stand presses, Pistols [single leg squats], and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t remember)

In the 15 minutes I got 5 sets of everything plus a 6th set of Turkish Get Ups. It was pretty tough and I was feeling it by the end.

For the WOD portion, we were advised to go at like 85% and to try and hit the same number of reps/distance each time. Through out this I’ve come to realize I don’t have much of a throttle when it comes to working out and it is something I’m trying to get better at. Normally I’m either 100%, 50% or off. Not much of a dimmer switch when it comes to effort. I tried to shoot for tough but manageable numbers for each round and think I did pretty well as I hit the same number of reps for the first 5 rounds and then just went to blow out the doors on the last round. This was tough and I was feeling it by the end.

Overall it was great to get back into the gym today. I definitely missed it and am already looking forward to Friday. I’ll post a weight and body fat update then too. Until then.

Stay classy.


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