The CrossFit Diaries: Friday’s Ferocious Fractured Fran

Friday’s ferocious fractured Fran finally forced me to face fears and make fantastic progress. Can’t help myself sometimes when it comes to alliteration. But seriously, today was a smoker. I knew it was going to be a tough one when everyone who came in and looked at the board with the work out said “Oh shit, this is going to suck.” We were all correct. Here’s the gem we got to go through today:


5 min Snatch Pull Technique Work

10 min Build to a heavy Hang Snatch double

Workout of the Day:

“Fractured Fran”

21 Thrusters

21 Pull Ups

rest 2 mins

15 Thrusters

15 Pull Ups

rest 2 mins

9 Thrusters

9 Pull Ups

The hang snatch work was nice and I built up to a difficult but not overwhelming 185lb for my last two sets. It was tough, but I know that as I progress, this number will go up too. Felt good and still feeling good. Worked on my form and started to push it towards the end. Snatch was good.

Fractured Fran was a bear. A beast. A monster. I can’t imagine what the regular Fran is like (take out the 2 minute rest for regular Fran). Right before it started Jason, the instructor, asked who was ready, i was the first and primarily only person to let out a little whoop. I should have seen that as a sign. I went for as many pull-ups as I could but eventually had to move to assisted pull-ups, then finally ring pulls. I think in total I knocked out around 20 pull-ups unassisted, 15 assisted and then 10 ring rows. Back strength is still a big area of improvement for me. I didn’t do the full 2 minutes of rest between sets, i was resting for around 1:10, which probably added to my fatigue level, but the competitor in me couldn’t let the others get too far ahead. I think my total time on this was like 13 minutes or something. I finished up and went outside to cool off, so I’m not too sure.

Overall I’m feeling great and can notice some differences. I know I’m losing fat thanks to the diet and work out, but I’m still about the same weight as I was last week (268 lb). That’s with a week off for the most part, so I’ll take it all with a grain of salt. I did get a nice comment last night from someone saying I was looking rather svelte, which was nice to hear. I know that I seem to keep a lot of “weight” in my face/neck, so that’s always the easiest place for me to notice progress. It’s off to a weekend and then firing back up on Monday. Until then.

Stay classy.

3 Responses to “The CrossFit Diaries: Friday’s Ferocious Fractured Fran”
  1. aet531teamc1 says:

    Any form of pull-up is going to smash me every time. I love thrusters though and I’m a bit curious that your skill didn’t include front squats as that always seems like a nice transition especially considering the heavy to low weight transition. I’m only 5-11 and have gone from 274 to 242 in my crossfitting so keep up the hard work and diet and pounds will start flying off!

    • cmaliska says:

      I was surprised too, but it was kind of a nice change overall to do the snatches instead of front squat. Would have been tough to get through Fran had we done heavy front squats prior to the WOD. I’m already noticing the difference in weight (I’m also 6’2″), so if I can get back in the 240 range I’d be pretty pumped. Thanks for the support!

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