The CrossFit Diaries: Night Cap

So I missed Monday (again…. bad trend that I’ll reverse next week) and then was out late Tuesday night so I switched over to the 6-7 pm class for last night. It was a nice change to be going in in the evening instead of the wee hours of the morning. That’s why I’ll be doing Monday nights instead of mornings from now now. Here’s the WOD:


7 sets of:

1 Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch

Workout of the Day:

4 Rounds of:

In 3 minutes complete:

5 Hang Power Snatch

30 Double Unders

As many calories as possible on the Rower/Airdyne until 3 minutes

*rest 3 minutes between rounds*

Strength skill went well, I got 7 rounds in and worked up to decent weight. More form focused than anything else, but I know that the weight will come easier as long as I work and keep my form strong from the beginning. Overall felt great afterward and was looking to a solid workout, seeing as we had considerable rest time.

The WOD was right up my alley. I flew through the hang snatch portion easily. I don’t have my double unders down yet (first time ever trying one last night) so I just went with 60 single unders. Flew through those as well, typically putting me rowing or on the Airdyne for close to 2 minutes straight. I’d go hard and tried to keep the same pace each time for every round. I did a pretty solid job and was sweating like a pig by the end. It was a strong work out for me given it was more of a sprint type workout.

Overall, feeling good. Weight is still the same, hovering around 268, but body fat is decreasing (down another % from last check) and I can now see some differences in my composition. I’ve still got a long way to go, but it is nice to see some progress.

I’ll be back with another post tomorrow. Until then.

Stay classy.


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