The CrossFit Diaries: Football Strong

After another great weekend, I was happy to be able to sleep in on Monday particularly after staying up to watch the end of game 4 of the World Series. (Go Sox!). After a solid day at work, it was off to the gym for the evening workout. I knew what I was walking into, which is a nice change from being totally surprised in the morning. Here’s the workout from last night:


Back Squat- 3 x 5

Press- 3 x 5

Workout of the Day:

3 Rounds:

1 minute Row

1 minute Toes to Bar / Butterfly Sit Ups

1 minute Hand Release Push Ups

1 minute Rest

We’re on a 5 week build-up on squats where we’ll be working on it every Monday. There is also an upcoming Holiday Challenge, which I’m guessing will involve squats in some way. I love squats and I’m good at them, so the strength portion was a fun workout for me. I did 315lb on the squat and 165lb on the press. I should have gone heavier on the squat, as the 315 just wasn’t enough. I’ll add 20 lbs next week instead. Hoping to be up to 400 by the end of this whole thing. Press was spot on weight wise, so it’ll be good to see the weight go up there.

The WOD was great. It was more of  a short sprint format, which is where I’m strong. I nailed the reps for sit-ups and push ups each round, and really hauled ass on the row. It was a great day and I felt great afterward. It’s nice to have a workout every now and then that fits my strength more, and this was definitely one.

Interesting thing happened during the squats. One of the guys who competes from the gym (he’s a total freak, hoping I can get near his level eventually) asked me if I played football in college (I was wearing one of the Holy Cross football shirts I stole from Jack). I told him no, I had the opportunity to, but didn’t end up doing it. He said I was football strong. I couldn’t argue with it, as he is spot on. I’m hoping to get more CrossFit strong and less football strong through this, but it’s interesting to hear that observation from a stranger.

Overall feeling great. The 3 days a week is still the right amount, but I know that by the time my 3 months is up, I’ll bump up to 5 days a week. Right now I’m still right around 270lb and the scale says the same body fat, but I don’t really believe it entirely. I am starting to see differences in my body. I do have to get back on a better diet, as I’ve been eating like crap lately. Just continuing to work and grind away. It feels good.

Stay classy.


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