The CrossFit Diaries: Who Wants to go see Ashanti?

On my way in this morning, I saw a giant billboard for Ashanti performing at Ho Chunk casino in the dells. What the hell ever happened to Ashanti? I seriously thought she was dead because I don’t think she’s done anything for at least 10 years. If anyone can tell me what happened to Ashanti, I’d greatly appreciate it. I could Google it, but I prefer the mystery right now. This also brought up a larger question in my head, who goes to see hip hop concerts at casinos? Is this a booming industry? I have a hard time imagining it is. That’s how far Ashanti has fallen. She’s doing casino concerts in the Wisconsin Dells in December (not exactly peak season).

After a good laugh to myself and some serious questioning of what happened to Ashanti (seriously, where the hell did she disappear to?) I pulled into the gym to see this for today:


5 sets of:

1a. Deadlift x 3 (Gradually build and add 5-10 lbs from last week)

1b. Pull Up Strength Development

Workout of the Day:

5 sets for max calories/reps of:

Row 30 seconds

rest 30 seconds

1 min KB Swings

rest 2 minutes

Pumped! Loving the work on building strength on three core exercises (squats Mondays, deadlift Wednesdays and power clean Fridays). Deadlifts went just great. i again underestimated how high I could realistically go, so I ended up doing 6 sets and finished at 385 lbs. Felt great. The pull up work is getting better. I did 4 strict pull ups after each deadlift set. The goal of 10 strict by Turkey Day is going to get blown out of the water at this point. I’m happy about that.

The WOD was everything I hoped it would be. By that I mean it was tough, excruciating and very enjoyable. I was covered in sweat by the end. I tallied up my totals and completed 66 calories on the rower and did 140 total kb swings at 53 lbs. Swinging a kettle bell for one minute straight is brutal. Just brutal. And excellent.

Feeling pretty tuckered after today, which is nice. Already looking forward to cleaning on Friday.

Stay classy.


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