The CrossFit Diaries: Monster Monday

I was looking forward to a great workout after having a nice, relaxing weekend where it wasn’t too crazy. I came in Monday feeling solid and had a good feeling I’d be able to get a great workout in. Here’s what we had going for Monday:


Back Squat- 5 x 3

Push Press- Quickly build to a heavy set of 5

Workout of the Day:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:

10 Front Rack Lunge Steps

25 Double Unders

I went beast mode on squats, going with 405 lb for all 5 sets. It got tougher towards the end, but overall it was a solid weight for me and I can feel the effects today. It was nice to be back over the 400 lb threshold again in squats. It was also a nice change to be doing push press instead of strict press. More weight and the sets just seem to go faster. Overall the strength/skill portion continues to be solid for me.

The WOD was tough. Mostly because who the hell wants to do front rack lunges with 135 lbs after squatting? Jason and Marcus are psychotic for creating this workout, but I was able to get through it. I practiced/worked on double unders for the first two rounds, but my legs were so burnt out that I had to switch to just regular single unders for the remaining rounds. I completed 5 full rounds, plus a 6th round of lunges. Brutal.

We had post-work of 3 minutes front leaning rest (plank position) and that was that. I immediately did some foam rolling after everything was done to try and get ahead of the game on my legs. It helped for sure, as I know I would be struggling today if I hadn’t.

Overall I’m feeling great. Looking forward to bumping up my number of days here in a couple weeks.

Stay classy.


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