The CrossFit Diaries: I “Love” Burpees

Rant: My legs are still sore from Monday. I actually called Jason and Marcus assholes for making the workout of squats followed by heavy front lunges. It’s a drastic overstatement, but seriously, everyone who did the Monday workout was discussing how sore their legs are today. It was brutal, but that’s why we do it.


Okay, so back to business here. I was excited for today, particularly the pull-up part. They’re getting better and that’s really making me feel good. Also, there’s something satisfying about picking up a stupid amount of weight off the floor. I know it is a very meat-head-ish thing to say, but seriously. It’s satisfying. And stress relieving. And a bunch of other stuff. Try it sometime. Here’s today’s nugget of joy:


Deadlft- 3,3,2,2,1,1

Pull Ups- 3 x Max Reps (strict or light band)

Workout of the Day:


Goblet Squat

Toes to Bar

at 9:00 on the clock


Kettlebell Swing


6 minute time cap on each workout

Strength/Skill portion was great. I worked up to 455lb on the dead lift and probably could have gone 465 or even 475, but 455 was good for today. Pull-ups went great. I was 1 short of hitting 10 straight strict pull-ups. I will get this done next week Monday before class. I will hit that goal of 10 straight strict pull-ups before Turkey day. Strength/skill portion was good. Almost too good.

WOD was fun. I foolishly thought the goblet squat/toes to bar (or butterfly sit-ups) was going to be more difficult so I did that first. BIG MISTAKE. What the hell was I thinking? I hate burpees and while they’re an excellent workout, they are by far the worst thing to do. Rookie move. Knocked out the first set of goblets/toes-to-bar in under 4 minutes. I did 12 toes to bar first and then needed to switch to butterfly sit-ups. I’m still working on getting the toes to bar motion down. It’s tough because my legs (read: ass) is so heavy that it’s hard not to start swinging a lot. I’m getting better, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Second one was much longer. I finished in like 5:30. Burpees man, burpees. That and the sore legs really made this one a grind. I got through it and finished up. Tough but good. I’m really starting to love this stuff.

Looking forward to Friday and then really only 1 workout next week as I fly to L.A. to officiate my cousin’s wedding and celebrate Thanksgiving. Looking forward to some warm weather and a great time.

Stay classy.


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