The CrossFit Diaries: Breaking Shoe Laces

After going hard on Wednesday, I was looking forward to Thursday. I did not workout Thursday morning, resting instead to give the body a little break after 3 solid workouts in 2 days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Got to the gym feeling good and here’s what I saw:


Strength Make Up, Goal Development or Rowing Workout

Workout of the Day:

4 Rounds:

45 sec KB Swings

15 sec rest

45 sec Airdyne

15 sec rest

45 sec Burpees

15 sec Rest

* rest 2 mins between rounds *

I was very happy to have options on the strength/skill portion as it gave me a chance to get some good rowing in. The recommended workout for that was 750m, rest 1:1 (however long it took is how long you rest), 500m, rest 1:1, 250m. It was a nice little rowing gem. The biggest thing I’m working on for next week’s charity challenge is my pacing. I can really hammer out some fast times, but it’s tough to maintain that 1:30ish pace. I figure as long as I can keep my 500m splits around 1:40, that’ll put me through the 1000m in around 3:20, which is pretty solid. After the rowing workout I did 3 sets of ring dips, because why not? Working to develop that in the hopes of getting a muscle-up at some point in the next 2 months.

I knew the WOD was going to be tough because I arrived early enough to watch the class before go through it. It is one of those things you like and hate to do. After the first round we had a little challenge to see who was the best in the class and who could post the highest number on each of the workouts. It went burpees in round 2, KB swings in round 3 and Airdyne calories in round 3.

Record for burpees was 16. I did 15, but the class set a new record at 17. Good for all of us. KB swings was 28 and we blew it out with three of us (myself included) hitting 32. Previous record was 26. Boom town. Airdyne calories record was a ridiculous 28. No one beat it. I think someone got 22. 28 calories in 45 seconds is downright obnoxious.

On a side note, I broke a shoelace in round 2 and had to do the last two in my socks. Totally different game working out without shoes. I have some ankle problems in my right ankle from breaking it in 8th grade and never getting it fixed. I could definitely feel the difference of not having the shoe there to balance out some of my issues.

Overall looking forward to finishing up the week today and then getting back to my last 3 day week next week. Really weirds me out a little, but I’m pretty pumped for it.

Stay classy.

P.S. Today’s workout is “Jackie”. It’s a name. That means it is going to royally suck.


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