The CrossFit Diaries: It is all in the name

There are two facts about CrossFit that I’ve learned:

1. A CrossFit second is approximately 100x longer than a normal second.

2. Any workout with a name in it is hard and makes conversations with people who have that name awkward from that point forward.

It was with the knowledge from point number two that I knew Friday’s workout was going to be a rough one. I did however surprise myself. Here’s the gem we had:


3 Position Clean Complex

Workout of the Day:


1000m Row

45 Pound Thruster, 50 reps

30 Pull Ups

*12 minute time cap*

I was conflicted. Cleans good. Named workout bad. The strength/skill went really well. Got some good work in and stayed at a lighter weight to work heavily on form. I felt good and was really looking forward to/dreading the WOD.

To my surprise, I actually crushed it. Well didn’t crush it, but performed way better than I expected. I hammered out the rows. I was the first person out of them and finished it in around 3:20ish. I grabbed my bar and got right into the thrusters. I decided I’d try to keep it in as few sets as possible and to not put the bar down at all. I ended up getting through them in 2 sets of 20 and one set of 10. By the end they were brutal and just tough as hell to get through. Then I had to face my nemesis, pull-ups. I knew I’d have to break them up, but was not sure how I would. I went 10 on the first set, which was probably a mistake. I then went with sets of 5. Going back I’d probably do sets of 6, but you live and you learn.

I finished in 9:27 and was absolutely pumped about  it. I know my pull-ups are getting stronger so hopefully I’ll continue to keep getting better at these.

Stay classy.


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