The CrossFit Diaries: Hellishly Cold

It was not cold yesterday. Yesterday it was “holy shit I’m pretty sure that even hell is frozen today” cold. I left work and it was 5 degrees, and that was without windchill. Needless to say, working out wasn’t exactly top of mind, but no skipping allowed. So I went in and here is what we had:


Front Squat- 5 x 5

Workout of the Day:

For max reps:

3 min Wall Ball

2 min Double Unders

1 min Ring Dips/Push Ups

2 min Double Unders

3 min KB Swings

It has been a while since I’v really worked on squats, so it was nice to get some solid work in on it. Nothing big or too crazy from a weight standpoint. Marcus said we’ll be working to develop this over the next couple of weeks so I only went up to 275lb, which was enough to get solid work in and still keep good form. As I better understand where we’ll be going, I’ll add weight appropriately, but happy with where I was yesterday on this. I think the ease with which I do squats and the weight I do astounds a lot of the people in the gym. A lot of times I think it may seem to them that I’m not trying (which is not true at all).

The WOD was solid. I got some really good work in on the double unders, trying to really develop some skill there and be able to do them consistently. Two of the high performers in the gym are absolute monsters when it comes to this, so I’d love to get up there so I can compete with them. They’re tough for sure, but I know I can get there with more practice. Maybe I’ll start doing them for warm-ups.

Overall for the WOD it was good work. Everyone was pretty cooked by then and it was a nice change from what we’ve been doing lately. Going to get some laps in the pool tonight and then right back to working out tomorrow morning. Hoping it warms up here, because this “hell is freezing over” cold is no bueno.

Stay classy.


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