The CrossFit Diaries: The Re-up

After a downright excellent weekend of holiday parties and the Charity Challenge (we raised  over $1,300) I was looking forward to two things come Monday. 1) Working out and doing squats. 2) Updating my membership to the 1 year unlimited. That means I’ll now be going 4-5 times a week, so I’m hoping I’ll see some continued improvement and hopefully some more weight coming off.

Here is Monday’s workout:


Front Squat- 3 x 5 (use weight from last week’s final set)

Workout of the Day:

With a partner complete 3 rotations of:

2 min Airdyne for Max Calories

2 min Pull Ups

2 min Walking Lunge

* Reps do not have to be split equally, but only one person can work at a time *

Squats went well. I bumped the weight from 275lb to 295lb for this week and it was more of a challenge, but felt good. Front squats are a weird animal to wrangle given how the weight distributes differently, but I’m enjoying the work.

The WOD was a tough one. My partner Eric and I broke the sets up into 30 sec Airdyne, 5 pull-ups and alternating on walking lunges. The Airdyne was solid and we did a ton of calories on it. Pull-ups were brutal by the 3rd round, but I’d estimate I probably did 40+ pull-ups yesterday. We really were knocking them out and it was some great work. Lunges were tough, mostly because by the time we got to them we were pretty worn down from the other rotations. By the end everyone in the class was completely cooked. It was a much more aerobic WOD than normal and we could all feel it for sure.

Looking forward to today and getting into going a lot more. We’ll see how it goes and how I feel/respond overall.

Stay classy.


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