The CrossFit Diaries: Quick Confession

I have to admit something. I just don’t know if I can do mornings until I live downtown. It’s just too much, especially in the middle of winter, to get up and head down to the gym to workout before 6 in the morning. So I skipped Wednesday morning. I was exhausted (couldn’t sleep at all) and rested. I came in yesterday and it was nice because it was a make-up day. So I was able to make-up the strength/skill from Wednesday anyway.

Here’s yesterday’s class:


Strength Make Up or Goal Development

Workout of the Day:

5 Rounds for time:

25 Kettlebell Swings

50/25 Double Unders (or 100 single unders)

I went with the Wednesday strength/skill which was 1 clean + 1 hang clean every minute on the minute for 7 minutes. After our warm-up and a few quick warm-up sets, I settled with 225lb which isn’t too heavy, but for 14 overall reps was a good weight to work. I was able to keep great form throughout and got in solid work, so it was a good choice. Overall I can feel my explosiveness increasing. 225 would intimidate me before, but now it seems standard to me. Progress is always great to see.

The WOD was another knock out for me. I still don’t really have my double unders down, so rather than frustrate the hell out of myself, I just opted for the 100 single unders. I don’t remember how quickly I finished, but I think I was the 4th or 5th person done. I was surprised at how easily I was able to get through it all. Overall a great workout and I felt good finishing it up.

No workout this morning as it was too much to try and coordinate with all the travel today. I’ll try to get a workout or two in next week while I’m in MA on vacation. It is always fun to workout with Mongo (my younger brother Jack), so I’ll do whatever he is. Other than that, no CrossFit plans for a week, which will be a nice break. I’ll try to do some stretching and foam rolling to workout some kinks/knots.

Have a great holiday and I’ll be back in a little over a week.

Stay classy.


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