The CrossFit Diaries: Starting the New Year

After a great Christmas break and time off, I was looking forward to getting back to working out this week. Due to some unforeseen circumstances on Monday and Tuesday, I wasn’t able to get into the gym. I finally got back yesterday and was pumped to get back to work. Here’s what we had:


4 Rotations of:

Deadlift x 6-8 reps

Handstand Push Up or Strict Double Kettlebell Press x 5-10 reps

Workout of the Day:

5 Rounds of 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest:



Double Unders

* Complete all 5 rounds at each exercise before moving on *

The deadlifts were fine. Even with being off for almost two weeks, I jumped right back into them. Finished the last set at 405lb, which felt good. The handstand push ups surprised me as I wasn’t sure how I’d do on them. I still have a lot more strength/stability to develop in my shoulders, but I was successfully doing 8 of them each time. I’ll continue to work on depth and getting further from the wall, but for my first crack at them, I was pleasantly surprised.

For the WOD I knew it’d be tough but felt confident I’d do fairly well. I started on the double unders because I wanted to try and work on them and figured I’d get better quality work doing them fresh. I can feel myself getting better at them, but I still don’t have the rhythm or thing down great yet. I can get through about 3 of them but them mess up on the 4th one. Oh well, I’ll just keep trying and working until I get them. For the rows I rowed just under 850m in the 2.5 minutes of time, which felt good. I kept my pace under 1:40 the whole time, and was typically right around the 1:35 mark. I really smoked myself there, so the Airdyne was a real beast for me. I was working to keep my pace between 75 and 80 rpms for the duration. It was tough and I faltered a little in the middle rounds, but really dug deep for the last 2.

After the workout we had a post-workout of 3 minute total hold of front leaning rest. I know I was fresh because it was the first time since I’ve joined that I knocked it out in sets of 1 minute, 15 second rest, 1 minute, 15 second rest, 30 seconds, 15 second rest, 30 seconds. It felt good to get through it quickly.

Looking forward to tonight and I’m also going to do the partner workout Saturday too to get a total of 3 days in this week. Then should be doing 5 next week, maybe 6 if I do Saturday too. We’ll see how I feel.

Stay classy.


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