The CrossFit Diaries: So We Meet Again

After a solid Wednesday I was looking forward to Thursday. I was feeling good and really wanted to hit the day hard, and the WOD did not disappoint. Here’s what it was:


Make Up or Goal Development

Workout of the Day:

15-12-9-6-3 Reps of:

Plate Ground to Overhead

Pull Ups (Chest to Bar if you have them)

Burpees to Plate

*12 minute time cap*

Post: 3 sets 10 band pull apart + 3 sets 10ab roll out

For the strength/skill portion I partnered up with one of the other guys and we did overhead squat work. Nothing heavy, only 135lb, but focused on form and working on them. I have a feeling that these will be something we’ll be working on quite a bit as Jason hinted at them. I also started working on the muscle-up transition. Here’s a quick video on them if you want to see: It’s funny that I was working on these because I’ve been thinking about it for a while but haven’t gone for it yet because I’m not entirely convinced I’m ready. The only reason I did is because the guy I was working out with was and he pushed me to do it. I don’t think anyone, outside of Jason and Marcus, realizes that I’m like 270ish pounds trying to do these things. I find it weird and awesome that I’m one of, if not the biggest guy in the gym (weight wise) and I’m doing some of the more advanced stuff. It’s awesome and terrifying. Any who, I felt good on them and now I want to try and get a muscle up by the end of January. We’ll see if it happens.

The WOD was going to be brutal. I knew it for one reason, my sworn enemy and arch-nemesis, burpees. They are the Lex Luther to my Superman. The Hitler to my Eisenhower/Churchill. The crunchy peanut butter to me (I hate crunchy peanut butter). The Dr. Evil to my Austin Powers. I hate them, but I’m pretty sure I now need them to exist. It’s a complicated relationship we have. I knew that the 12 minute time cap was going to be tough, purely because of the burpees. I seriously can’t understate how much I hate them and how much they absolutely destroy me. The overhead plate presses, no problem. Pull-ups? Surprisingly not bad. Burpees? Toast. I finished in 11:30, so I made it, but just barely. I was smoked, but felt great by the end of it. Then it was band pull aparts and ab roll outs. Feeling the ab roll outs today.

I missed today’s workout, but I’m going to try and pick back up going hard next week. We’ll see. Life is a real pain sometimes, but I’m hoping to get 6 days in. This weekend it is guy time with snowmobiling, ice fishing, winter pheasant hunting and football. Couldn’t ask for a better time. Until Monday folks.

Stay classy.


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