The CrossFit Diaries: Back to the Grind

Absolute knock down, drag out, amazing weekend. Weekends like last weekend always make getting back to work and real life difficult, but I was happy to get back to the gym and get things back on track. I was especially happy since it was squat day. Here’s the menu for Monday:


Back Squat 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Workout of the Day:

In teams of three complete 5 rounds of:

Partner 1: Row 300m

Partner 2: 10 Thrusters

Partner 3: Rest

*20 Minute Time Cap*

For squats I worked up to 375lb. Nothing crazy, but enough on the 5th set that I was feeling it. Overall I was working on getting deeper in my squats and really keeping stricter form. I felt good and my squats were looking solid. It is one exercise that I know is pretty much always going to be a strength, so I’m not overly worried about getting huge gains in it, when I can focus on getting better in so many other areas.

I knew the WOD was going to be tough but I also knew that I had a solid group to go with (same 2 guys I squatted with). We were probably the upper crust of the class from the male side, so it was a race to see if we’d finish first. The ladies group tried to give us a push, but I think overall we were just too strong across the board. We finished in 18:35 or so, as I was the last in the group to finish things out on the row. It was a faster time than the class before us in the top group and I have a feeling it was near the top overall for the day. This was a fun WOD because of the exertion from Thrusters/Rowing with the rest made for an interesting dynamic. You’d switch from sprinting on the row for 300 meters, to thrusters and then rest for a minute plus. These group workouts are a fun change from what we normally do, so it is fun seeing them.

Overall  I’m feeling really good. I’m trying to get better on my diet, so I should hopefully see more weight come off and get better definition. The biggest area I need to keep working to develop is my conditioning, so I’ll need to find a way to get better there. No complaints and I just want to keep improving.

Stay classy.


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