The CrossFit Diaries: Do You Even Snatch Bro?

After Monday’s squat fest I was feeling surprising good. A little sore, but nothing too crazy. Saw what we had for the day and knew that my legs would be sore come Wednesday. Here’s the diddy for Tuesday:


Skill Warm Up: Pull Ups, Box Jumps, Turkish Get Ups

Build to a heavy Snatch+ Hang Snatch

Workout of the Day:

Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes (6 total rounds):

5 Snatch

50 Double Unders

*rest the remainder of the 2 minutes*

On the skill warm up, I worked some pull ups but focused more on the muscle up transitions. I’m really starting to get the hang of them and I might try to attempt one later this week, depending on how I feel. We’ll see, but I think actually trying to do one will give me a good gauge on how much more work I need.

The heavy snatch + hang snatch work was good. I stayed a lighter weight than I probably could have gone because it was more of a power snatch than a full snatch in both the snatch and hang snatch (I wasn’t going into a full squat). It’s a really complex and explosive movement, so I want to make sure I’m comfortable with it before I attempt getting to full squats on them. I worked up to 185 lbs which was  a good challenging weight, but I was able to keep solid form for all of the reps. I’ll continue to work down to the full squat in the catch as I become more comfortable. By my last set, I was getting much deeper than my first set, so I’ll continue to work and improve here. On a side note, snatches are a super weird movement and it is really funny/odd to watch people who aren’t as athletic try to do them. It’s like their bodies just don’t know how to work in unison. It’s a really revealing thing to understand how lucky I am to naturally be able to move weight and go through complex movements like this without really any difficulty.

For the WOD it was more snatches, this time with 135 lbs and then double unders. I’m improving on my DUs but still have work to do. I’d go 5-10 singles then try to get as many doubles in a row as I could. I topped out at 7 or 8 before I faltered, but typically would only get 3-4. Towards the end, it was 2-3 as I was getting tired. Improvement and continued work will get me there. My cardio still is the biggest area I need to work on.

Today I’m feeling it in my legs. They’re a little tight and sore, and I already know that tonight’s workout is going to be a full on monster that won’t help things. Oh well, that’s the way things go.

Stay classy.


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