The CrossFit Diaries: The Ice Kingdom

We’re in the midst of another serious cold spell here in Milwaukee. It’s just cold all the time right now. Like single digits or below zero cold. 24 hours a day. It is miserable. I’m not one to complain about the cold, but man it’s starting to get to me a little. I’m going to start my own political party called “It’s too damn cold outside”. The gym is cold, I’ve been wearing pants the entire workout lately simply because it’s more comfortable that way. Add to all of this that I came home Tuesday night to find out my roommate and his girlfriend are taking a sudden trip to Florida. Good for them. Here I am stuck in the Ice Kingdom formerly known as Milwaukee. So it is just me and Rory for the rest of the week. She was beyond excited to see me last night after I got home. I was feeling good from a nice Wednesday workout:


Skill Rotation: Overhead Squats, Muscle Ups and Double Unders

10 minutes to build to a heavy set of 2 Push Jerk

Workout of the Day:

In three minutes complete as many rounds as possible of:

7 Shoulder to Overhead

7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

* rest 2 minutes and repeat twice more, picking up each round wherever you left off*

I swear it’s like they know I’m working on muscle ups and they intentionally are doing stuff around it right now. The overhead squat work was nice, I just went with the bar. I finally figured out double unders. Like really figured them out and knocked out 20 in a row. It was nuts. Marcus looked at me all confused and says “Where did that come from?” I was as shocked as he was. Felt good to finally get those down. Another tool in the belt now. I AM SO GOD DAMN CLOSE on muscle ups. I’m just not quite getting the transition right. I mean, I’m right there. Right there. It’s just a matter of finishing through on the transition and then getting the final push up from the ring dip. I’m going to work on it more tonight. I will do this.

The push jerk was an interesting movement. It is just a push press that you catch at the top in a power squat, similar to a power snatch. Fun and I can tell that you can really dial up the weight on these since  you are able to drop under the bar as you’re pushing it up. I didn’t go crazy, only bumped up to 205 lb as I’m getting used to the movement, but it’ll be interesting how these are incorporated moving forward.

The WOD was fun. It was different than a lot of things we’ve been doing lately and I didn’t quite pace myself correctly, but it was a solid workout. The 3 minutes on with 2 minutes off was a nice change which allowed you to go hard for the time period. If I could do it again, I’d push further on the first set, go a little less on the second and really try to push the third. I did 8 full rounds, plus all the push press on the 9th and 2 pull ups. Solid outing, but I could get more if I did it again, knowing how to pace better. Oh well, it was a fun workout. Post workout was 2 minutes in a plank.

Things are going well. I can see improvements coming and I’m feeling great. The only areas I have any concern are the fact that my weight isn’t dropping and that my left shoulder is a little aggravated. It’s from an old hockey injury and I’m working to keep it stretched and loose. If it tightens up, I drop the total weight or work I’m doing on it. No need to mess a shoulder up. It is getting better, but I notice it from when we go heavy shoulders. The stricter diet should help with the weight thing. Hopefully I’ll hit the tipping point soon where the weight will really start to drop. We’ll see.

Stay classy.

One Response to “The CrossFit Diaries: The Ice Kingdom”
  1. rachelaugh says:

    I’m in Sheboygan…..this sh*t is getting a little ridiculous. SO COLD….all.the.time. It’s actually painful.

    Keep up the good work!

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