The CrossFit Diaries: Thursday Throwdown

After three solid days, but not overly difficult days, I was feeling solid for Thursday. I also knew that I would be able to get more work in on muscle ups given Thursday is make-up day. Here is what was on the menu last night:


Strength Make Up and Goal Development

Workout of the Day:

3 Rounds for Max Reps:

1 min Box Jumps

1 min Toes to Bar

1 min Row

* rest 1 min *

I swear I can’t be any closer to doing a muscle up without actually doing one. My margin of error is down to inches at this point. I will get a muscle up by the end of the month. It will happen, oh yes, it will be mine. Also, worked on double unders to keep those going. Overall my skills are getting better and hopefully once I get muscle ups I’ll be able to build those up.

The WOD was fun. Much more aerobic in nature than what we’ve been doing and it was nice to do something that wasn’t weighted. I started on Toes to Bar. I went 15, 14, 13, so that was a result I was pretty happy with. Rows I stayed under 1:40 pace and I managed to do 10-15 box jumps each round. It was  fun workout to bounce between the three exercises.

Not much of a commentary from yesterday as it was pretty focused, but a quick work out. We’ll see how this afternoon goes.

Stay classy.


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