The CrossFit Diaries: Don’t be so Callus

I enjoy CrossFit. Do I think it is the end all, be all of routines and fitness regimens? No, absolutely not. Is it the right fit for some people? Yes. Do some people take it way too far and get really freaky cult like about it? Absolutely, but body building is pretty cult like and weird too, we’re just more accepting of it because it is more mainstream. Is it still something I would recommend to people? Without a doubt. It has been great for me and I think others can benefit from it. I honestly believe that anyone can get into it if they want, but it isn’t for everyone. Same thing can be said for any other form of exercise really. It is all a matter of personal preference. The point here is we will never agree on one thing as a universal way to go. About anything really. So I’m working on a long winded piece debating about the pros and cons of CrossFit. I’d love to hear any input anyone has regarding anything about CrossFit.

The other thing about CrossFit that really bothers me is just how beat up your goddamn hands get. I’ve never ripped more calluses than I have since starting CrossFit. It comes with the territory I guess but it is a major pain in the ass and really annoying to be ripping at least one callus a month off.


Back Squat- 3,3,3,3,3

Workout of the Day:

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes complete:

10 Kettlebell Swings

5 Chest to bar Pull Ups

I came into the gym cold last night and almost did a muscle up. Cold. No warm up or practice. I just jumped up and almost did one. Then I almost did one 4 more times. I’m going to get it and I don’t know how I can be so close and yet so seemingly far away. Along with our back squats, we worked on skill in between sets. I did some muscle up practice and also worked on handstands. My next goal is to get to hand stand walking, which will be a challenge since I’ve got a lot of man going on to walk around on my hands. We’ll see how it goes. First I need to get this muscle up done. For squats I worked up to 415lbs.  And as I was the last person squatting EVERYONE watched me do it. It was a little weird to have an audience while I was squatting, but whatever, it was kind of cool.

I had mixed feelings coming into the WOD. On one hand, there would be rest periods since it was an EMOM, but on the other hand it was 15 minutes. That’s a lot of KB swings (150 to be exact) and a lot of pull ups (75 to be exact). Marcus explained at the beginning that if we were slipping on form/full pull on the pull ups we should either take a round off on pull ups or do a rep or two less. So for rounds 7-11 I only did 4 pull ups to help save myself a little. In the end I only did 70 pull ups and 150 kb swings. That was one of the more difficult workouts we’ve done recently as the rests were short and I decided to split with Barrett on groups and we  used the heaviest KB.

Overall feeling pretty good. I think I might have strained my shoulder a little trying a muscle up, as my right shoulder is bothering me. I’m going to take it easy and avoid trying any muscle ups the next day or so to let it recuperate a little. Other than a strained shoulder, everything is going swimmingly well. I think at this rate, I should look pretty good come beach season, which is definitely a long term goal of mine.

Stay classy.


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