The CrossFit Diaries: Blowing Up

I felt pretty good after Monday night, so I was looking forward to getting into it for Tuesday. The weather is not going to cool off my enthusiasm here. I also chose not to try an muscle ups on Tuesday to help save my shoulder and give me a little rest. Here’s what we had:


7 minutes of Turkish Get Ups then…

Skill Rotation:

Handstand Push Up, Strict Toes to Bar, Box Jumps

Workout of the Day:

3 Rounds for reps of:

1 min Hang Power Clean

1 min Front Squat

1 min Push Press

1 min rest

When I first saw that we had 7 minutes of Turkish get-ups I thought they were crazy. That is way too many minutes of Turkish get-ups. Then Jason clarified it was really just and every minute on the minute exercise, so that was much better. 14 Turkish get-ups is still a lot, but it was a good start. The skill work was good, I really tried to get deep on my handstand push ups. Other than that, nothing major to report.

I knew the WOD would be interesting and a challenge as I watched the class before me. Jason advised that we should really only go as high as 95 lbs, which I was happy to listen to. He said that we should try to get 40 total reps each round, which sounded like it would be a tough on to maintain given the fatigue and wear and tear on the wrists. I shocked myself and blew this one out of the water. For round 1 I went 20, 20, 20 for all three exercises. Round 2 – 18, 19, 20. Round 3 – 18, 17, 20. I felt pretty awesome after knocking out 152 total reps for the day. I could have gone 115 lbs and been much closer to the 40 per round total, but it felt good to knock out a big number of reps.

Things are going well and other than a slightly tweaked right shoulder, all is healthy. I’m resting that and hope to get a muscle up on Thursday. I’m off tonight as I have other commitments, but I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

Stay classy.


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