The CrossFit Diaries: Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife

I’m happy to say that I’m squarely back under 270 by a solid margin. I’m rapidly approaching the 260 line and hope to drop under that in the next month or so. Looks like I’ve FINELY hit the tipping point and am now dropping weight. Great stuff! Huzzah!


Snatch- Build to a heavy Hang Snatch + Snatch

Workout of the Day:

5 Rounds:

30s Power Snatch (up to 115/75 lbs)

30s rest

30s Toes to Bar

30s rest

30s Max Rings Dips or Muscle Ups

30s Rest

The best thing I’ve done to help my snatch is taping my thumbs a little. The bar can really dig into them and that one little change has really helped me get after it much more. I’m still trying to work on getting better at catching my snatches deeper in the squat, so I didn’t go crazy with the weight yesterday. Worked up to 195 lbs and that was a solid weight. I’m definitely getting better at catching my snatches deeper in the squat, but still have a ways to go. Work in progress, but it’s going well overall.

The WOD was a good on yesterday. Started on toes to bar and ended with snatch. I liked the format and was able to stay at a relatively high number of reps for each round. By the end I was feeling it, but pushed to try and keep my reps up for the last set of snatches. Overall it was a quality workout and felt good afterward.

I did some good foam rolling and worked on my shoulders as well. Tried to get a muscle up and was close, but again no dice. At least my shoulder feels good now, so that’s a positive. I’ll keep trying this week, we’ll see if I can get one.

Stay classy.


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